Invisible Body Shaper – Waist Trimmer


Invisible Tummy Trimmer Reinforced front flattens your stomach, while it slims your waist.

That dress looks perfect except for that frustrating bulge. Don’t you wish that ugly bulge could disappear like magic? Well now it can with this incredible new body shaper. It’s the Invisible Tummy Trimmer and the effect is simply amazing. The Invisible Tummy Trimmer is made from a miracle elasta slim weave. So smooth it’s virtually undetectable. The reinforced front flattens your stomach, while it slims your waist and the entire midriff. Other garments have obvious bulging seams but the Invisible Tummy Trimmer is seamless. Undetectable under thin knits, form fitting dresses, and sheer slim dresses. Anytime you need a smooth line. It’s a magic minimizer that’s guaranteed to make you look inches smaller, 10 pounds lighter instantly, and it’s not just for the tummy. Back rolls look ugly but the Invisible Tummy Trimmer gives you a beautiful trim line from hip to chest, your entire midriff! Whether you’re a petite or a plus size. The Invisible Tummy Trimmer slenderizes any figure. If you’d like to look 10 pounds lighter, smaller and make ugly bulges disappear like magic!


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Product description:

Made with ElastaSlim Weave material, the lnvisible Tummy Trimmer slims your entire midriff instantly!

Unlike other support garments that have obvious bulging seams,the lnvisible Tummy Trimmer is virtually undetectable-even under thin knits,form fitting dresses, and sheer slim dresses.

Plus,the lnvisible Tummy Trimmer isnt just for women-men can use it to flatten bulging midsections discreetly.

From hip to chest, the lnvisible Tummy Trimmer will help you look slimmer and more attractive. Try it today for a newer, sexier you.

Care lnstructions:

Machine wash lukewarm water. Do not bleach.Tumble dry low,


89%Nylon  11%Spandex


For best fit: The top of the lnvisible Tummy Trimmer should be placed at the bottom of your rib cage (not at the waistline)


Size Chart for Men: S.M.L.XL

Color: Nude